Why Defend

Why should I defend with iSamurai?

I think you need to make a reason to defend, typically this is energy.
i.e. You have 5 swings worth of energy and this recharges at 1 swing every 10 seconds.
This way if I block 4 swings at the start in two player I'm in a strong position.


Have you tried iSamurai: Critical Strike?

Hi Gerard,

Thanks for the feedback. Interesting idea!

Our most recent update, iSamurai: Critical Strike, adds another reason to defend: if a player blocks 3 attacks in a row, his/her next attack is worth 4 hits if successful.

Here is a link to a free version with that feature (single-player only): iSamurai: Critical Strike Lite

And here is the link for the full two-player version: iSamurai: Critical Strike

The free version for two players, iSamurai:Two-Player Sword Fight Lite, is still available on iTunes, but it does not have the new Critical Strike feature.


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