Toy Kite Software is very happy to announce that we have co-developed SMOKE YOUR TIRES for SportsBlast. Smoke Your Tires version 1.4 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with IOS 4.3 and above.

Here is a recent review from FreeAppsArcade:
"It’s not every day you play a driving game that has nothing to do with racing. Today is one of those days. In Smoke Your Tires for iOS, you'll do just that -- smoke your tires. You'll get all the thrills of winning a NASCAR race without the hassle of driving the race itself. No heavy gear, no sweaty hours behind the wheel...maybe we should turn tire smoking into a sport of its own!

"This game requires some serious two-handed coordination -- one to control the accelerator and one to control the wheel. You earn points for the time you spend with the accelerator jammed down and your tires disengaged. For such a satisfying and arcade-like game, there is an incredible amount of touch involved. With proper skill and timing, you’ll be able to drift your car all over the track like a madman. If you smash into the walls, you'll break your streak of smokey donuts (mmm...doughnuts) and find yourself on fire. But not in a good way."

Try it out—it's free. Personally I wish that I had had this game when I was getting ready to drive. I might have gotten all the spinning out of my system and saved a few mishaps with my mother's car. (I still need to go back and thank the farmer that pulled us out of a 4-foot ditch with his tractor.)