iSamurai-Two-Player Sword Fight was released on June 11, 2009

We are working fast and furiously on a new game for Apple's iPhone. We don't want to let the rabbit out of the hat yet, but to have some fun, we are introducing a "Guess our Game" Contest:

Given our backgrounds (see Team) and other information on this site, take a guess at what our game will be. Feel free to leave your guess in the comments below.

The ten closest guesses will receive an iTunes gift certificate (so you can get our game...or music or ... whatever you like).
Our first hint is the image to the above, created by Ryan specifically for the game.

And here is another hint: Imagine two robotics engineers working on an iPhone game. They are used to programming robotic helicopters, crawling spiderbots, intelligent derrigibles, small urban robots, and robotic spacecraft. Now imagine that they are applying those skills to an iPhone game. What do you think they would come up with?

As soon as the game is on Apple's iTunes store, we will have pictures, instructions and demonstrations. Currently we are targeting an April release date.


Game Over - Somewhere

It appears that the game is available some place on this fine planet through iTunes (though it's certainly not the U.S.). From the description listed on Touch Arcade it would seem that Brazilian Rider was the closest guesser. Can I change my answer :) Actually, I still like my answer. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how they decide who else is "close" since none of the rest of us really appear to be. Good luck everyone!


I counted 14 replies for this contest.

Definitely I didn't guess what's the game about, but at least I'm closer than some of them to the final concept of this game.

Don't you think?



Thanks for let us know the winners and expecially that I'm one of them!!! :)

And ok, my email address is


I guess I'm a good guesserer?

Should I give you guys my email too?

If so, it's

I said it on TA, but again,

I said it on TA, but again, amazing job Brazilian, I did not believe your post had any remote chance of being possible!

I guess you have our emails when we registered, but it's Can't wait to try it out...

I think it is going to be...

??? Mech Battles?

Remote Control Combat

Personally, I think it's advanced wireless remote software that allows you to control any electronic device in your house and use it for hi tech combat against your friends. Okay, I know I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be cool :)

My Brute with substance

I think this is going to be a my brute style of game. You train your character in the dojo and teach him unique moves through swipe gestures which will determine your skills. You then play online against other players and reap the fruit of your long hours of discipline, concentration and skills in the dojo. As your skills improve and you accumulate wins, you go through the stages from mere peasant to accomplished samurai. All your skills are unique to you the game registers the moves you have "programmed". As you fight other players you find out which defensive and offensive moves are most efficient. As you progress you gain speed and strength that make your skills more lethal. (Alternatively it will be a match 3 style game with farting noises!)
I just hope the gameplay matches the great visuals... :)


I guess it's a Zenonia style game where you certainly handle swords and you're a kind of samurai.
For sure there will be a kind of progress and you'll have to reach the highest level.
So...something like from beginner to samurai.

I think this is an RTS or

I think this is an RTS or some kind of Street Fighter-like game. The scenes seems to show that you can use a peasant at the start then fight others in competitions to earn something like an upgraded move or apparels. I am leaning towards the Street Fighter-like game. RTS would be cool but probably unlikely since there are so many of them, many of them without swords though hmm....

My guess is a twist on the

My guess is a twist on the Pokemon type of genre. Instead of having robots, you have warriors that you train and develop. You then fight as them in arena type battles. The story may progress in an RPG manner, spanning ancient Japan or China. You start out as an aspiring trainer, but as the game progresses become more and more well-known and skilled, eventually having multiple trainees and entering multiple, largescale, battle competitions.

my guess

A fighting or action game with a unique combat system that involves using the touch screen for attacks and defense. I just hope it's not a puzzle or picture-based adventure game.

I'm Going on a limb here...

All those things that your programers are really high end stuff.

Most of it probably uses wireless configuration?

Anyways we all know that a StarWars Lightsaber app has come out where you use the accelerometer to swing the lightsaber.

What if they implemented that here and created a sort-of "sword-fighting" game where you swing the iPhone around to block/attack a computer OR, if they are really impressive, a human.

All the clues fit in perfectly with this idea, it is unique, probably if someone thinks of it first they will be able to do it, the swords were something that were much debated in TouchArcade and are/might be important.

This would also explain the tutorials and stuff needed. I REALLY hope this is right as it is my dream as a kid to have a game like this!

I dunno, but if they create a game like I think they will where you use the iPhone as a sword, I'd pay $9.99 for it!


My guess would be that you are a sensei in a temple. You have to train a warrior(s?) to fight.

The fighting is automated based on how you trained the warrior. It's like making an intelligent AI by fine tuning when it should be aggressive and when it should defend, then telling it what action to take once certain parameters are met.

And if that's not the game... I suggest you work on that next ;)

Robot Wars

Robotic Wars or Alien Wars could work.
Robots gone mad. Not to be confused with Robert gone mad.
Have a good day.

I guess

"real-time strategy game with three other random people from all over the world, all while standing in line at the post office"

My guess is...

... it will be called Zenbot. Your bot is a node of the hive-mind, and you have to try to influence the entire hive to act in ways called for by your mission. But the other nodes are real people too ... running Zenbot!

killer robots

This game will almost certainly feature robots and these robots will do battle with other robots. And "pillboxes" may (or may not) feature heavily in the game dynamics.

That's my guess.

Re: killer robots

Wow! "Pillboxes"...that is a blast from the past...specifically from an excellent game called "Bolo".

And robots battling other robots also takes me back to Robotwar on the Apple II, Omega on the Mac, PC and other platforms, and later Robowar on the Mac.

This definitely seems like a post from someone very familiar with our previous computer habits. In fact, I have a feeling that we must have run into you before under a different name. it is my turn to guess.



Sumor robots

I think this will be a sumo robot brawler inside cool arenas such as a sword room.