iSamurai News

iSamurai Video Contest Winner

Tobias, Blanka and Ruben Blickle were the 1st prize winners of our first iSamurai Video Contest. They were awarded an iPod Touch for this video:

2nd iSamurai Video Contest

As previously announced, our 2nd iSamurai Video Contest is now under way. Winners will be announced after the Mac World Expo. See below for the rules and prizes.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded iSamurai. And thank you for your feedback. We have received a lot of very enthusiastic messages sent from within iSamurai. Game creation is an art form, and just as actors appreciate the applause they get at the end of a play, we very much appreciate the many emails that iSamurai fans have sent us. Some of them are posted on our web site and on the iTunes store.

iSamurai Sale Ending

iSamurai has been on sale to celebrate the latest release, iSamurai: Critical Strike. The sale will be ending on Sunday, Dec. 6th, 2009 at midnight. The new price will be $2.99.