iSamurai Bluetooth: Real Life Sword Fight released

iSamurai Bluetooth has been approved by Apple and is now available on the iTunes store!

iSamurai Bluetooth icon
Our latest version of iSamurai is one of the first games to utilize the Bluetooth capabilities in Apple's iPhone software 3.0 for multiplayer game play. Players can now sword fight anywhere without having to find a wireless network. Although Wi-Fi is still a good option if one is available, the flexibility to play while in line at the beach or the park make iSamurai Bluetooth a must-have upgrade. Available for free for current owners, iSamurai is still on sale for $0.99.

iSamurai has it's own web site

More iSamurai videos are available at the new web site at

We have gotten a lot of great feedback from iSamurai owners, and some of their messages are also posted on the new site.

iSamurai Bluetooth Appgiveaway Contest

App Giveaway
As a celebration, we donated 25 copies of iSamurai Bluetooth (in the form of promotional codes) to a contest at The contest has now ended, but we will be doing this again in the future to celebrate special Toy Kite Software events.