Getting started with iPhone Development

Some aspiring iPhone programmers might appreciate a list of books to get them started.

We went through the lists on Amazon, read the reviews and, in cases, actually waited until the books that we wanted were published. Hopefully the following list will save new iPhone developers some time.

Learn C on the Mac
Unless you are already an experienced C programmer, first on our list is the 2009 Apress edition of "Learn C on the Mac" by Dave Mark. I have a book of the same title by Dave written in the 1991. Truthfully, life got in the way back then and I never got to read that book, but I mention it now to show that Dave has been around the Mac programming scene for a while. I am reading this 2009 edition, and even our experienced C programmers have opened it a few times. It is extremely well written. Christian, our intern, is studying it now also. For anyone just starting to learn how to program a Mac, this is a great place to start.

Next in our line up is "Learn Objective-C on the Mac" by Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster, also from Apress. I have just started reading this book, but our programmers have been referring to it and it has been very appreciated.

iPhone Development
Wow! Another Apress book: "Beginning iPhone Development, Exploring the iPhone SDK". This book is also by Dave Mark with co-author Jeff LaMarche. (No, we have not been paid off by Apress.) This is also getting good use by our programmers.

We just got another iPhone programming book which came highly recommended: "iPhone SDK, Application Development" by Jonathan Zdziarski published by O'Reilly.

Of course new iPhone programming books are coming out all the time. Do you have a recommendation? If so, please let us know in the comments section.


iPhone Development books

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Recommend another book, The iPhone Developer's Cookbook, seems good too.