Toy Kite Software is very happy to announce that we have co-developed SMOKE YOUR TIRES for SportsBlast. Smoke Your Tires version 1.4 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with IOS 4.3 and above.

Here is a recent review from FreeAppsArcade:
"It’s not every day you play a driving game that has nothing to do with racing. Today is one of those days. In Smoke Your Tires for iOS, you'll do just that -- smoke your tires. You'll get all the thrills of winning a NASCAR race without the hassle of driving the race itself. No heavy gear, no sweaty hours behind the wheel...maybe we should turn tire smoking into a sport of its own!

"This game requires some serious two-handed coordination -- one to control the accelerator and one to control the wheel. You earn points for the time you spend with the accelerator jammed down and your tires disengaged. For such a satisfying and arcade-like game, there is an incredible amount of touch involved. With proper skill and timing, you’ll be able to drift your car all over the track like a madman. If you smash into the walls, you'll break your streak of smokey donuts (mmm...doughnuts) and find yourself on fire. But not in a good way."

Try it out—it's free. Personally I wish that I had had this game when I was getting ready to drive. I might have gotten all the spinning out of my system and saved a few mishaps with my mother's car. (I still need to go back and thank the farmer that pulled us out of a 4-foot ditch with his tractor.)

The Samurai Dojo is now open for iPhone and iPod users!



This is a new FREE version of our iPhone/iPod touch sword-fighting game/simulation. It includes three optional paid upgrades for additional features.

Samurai Sword Fight includes a single-player game and a two-player game in which both players connect to the same Wi-Fi network and battle face to face as you would in a real sword fight.

This version adds more realistic sword play --- players can attack with their "swords" from any angle and their opponents must block that attack correctly.

As you battle your friends, imagine that you are in the dojo above, created by our artist, Oliver Romanoff, from scratch for the practice room in our game.

For more information, see the iTunes web site: Samurai Sword Fight - Free Version

Happy Holiday,

Toy Kite Software

Blind Player Beats the Samurai

Recently we received a request from Dallas O'Brien for information on how to play iSamurai.

Dallas is blind and while iSamurai is playable by blind players in single-player mode, the game was designed as a sword-fighting simulation for two players who are face to face and the instructions are not user-friendly for blind players.

So we sent off two emails to Dallas with instructions. In the next four days, he worked his way up the twelve single-player levels starting with the Peasant, then the Apprentice and Warrior and finally the Samurai on Easy, Medium and Hard.

In searching our records, Dallas is only the second person to notify us that he had beaten the Samurai at that level, and he is the first blind player to contact us.

Congratulations Dallas!

New game in the works

Toy Kite Software has been working on a new game, and it is now being tested in house. When it is released, we will send out announcements on Twitter at and on our
Toy Kite Software Facebook Page.

iSamurai News

iSamurai Video Contest Winner

Tobias, Blanka and Ruben Blickle were the 1st prize winners of our first iSamurai Video Contest. They were awarded an iPod Touch for this video:

2nd iSamurai Video Contest

As previously announced, our 2nd iSamurai Video Contest is now under way. Winners will be announced after the Mac World Expo. See below for the rules and prizes.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded iSamurai. And thank you for your feedback. We have received a lot of very enthusiastic messages sent from within iSamurai. Game creation is an art form, and just as actors appreciate the applause they get at the end of a play, we very much appreciate the many emails that iSamurai fans have sent us. Some of them are posted on our web site and on the iTunes store.

iSamurai Sale Ending

iSamurai has been on sale to celebrate the latest release, iSamurai: Critical Strike. The sale will be ending on Sunday, Dec. 6th, 2009 at midnight. The new price will be $2.99.

iSamurai: Critical Strike Video Contest

iSamurai Intro Screen

In celebration of the release of iSamurai: Critical Strike, we are holding our 2nd iSamurai Video Contest.

To enter, create an original video of people playing the two-player game of iSamurai and send it to us. You can send the actual video as a quicktime movie or another format, or you can upload the video to YouTube and send us the link.


There will be 10 winners as follows:
First Prize (1 winner): iPod Touch 8GB
Second Prize: (1 winner) $50 iTunes Gift Certificate
Third Prize: (8 winners) $10 iTunes Gift Certificate


Note: The deadline has been extended until June 15th, 2010.


The entries will be judged for originality, location, quality, and overall effectiveness, and the judge's decisions will be final.

Each video must be original, and all videos entered become the property of Toy Kite Software. Creators of the videos will also have the right to display or otherwise use their videos. Winning videos will be displayed on our web sites and on YouTube, and by entering your video in this contest, you certify that you are the creator of the video or the creator's authorized agent, and you acknowledge Toy Kite Software's ownership and right to display and otherwise use your video.


iSamurai Bluetooth Video Contest - Winner

iSamurai Intro Screen

In celebration of the release of iSamurai Bluetooth, we held an iSamurai Bluetooth Video Contest.

The 1st prize winners were Tobias, Blanka, and Ruben Blickle. We will be posting their winning video soon.


iSamurai Bluetooth: Real Life Sword Fight released

iSamurai Bluetooth has been approved by Apple and is now available on the iTunes store!

iSamurai Bluetooth icon
Our latest version of iSamurai is one of the first games to utilize the Bluetooth capabilities in Apple's iPhone software 3.0 for multiplayer game play. Players can now sword fight anywhere without having to find a wireless network. Although Wi-Fi is still a good option if one is available, the flexibility to play while in line at the beach or the park make iSamurai Bluetooth a must-have upgrade. Available for free for current owners, iSamurai is still on sale for $0.99.

iSamurai has it's own web site

More iSamurai videos are available at the new web site at

We have gotten a lot of great feedback from iSamurai owners, and some of their messages are also posted on the new site.

iSamurai Bluetooth Appgiveaway Contest

App Giveaway
As a celebration, we donated 25 copies of iSamurai Bluetooth (in the form of promotional codes) to a contest at The contest has now ended, but we will be doing this again in the future to celebrate special Toy Kite Software events.

iSamurai now an iTunes "Staff Favorite"

Last week, iSamurai was on the "WHAT'S HOT" list in the Games section of Apple's iTunes Store.

This week, iSamurai is in the STAFF FAVORITES section on the front page of the iTunes Store. We are moving up. :)

So thank you everyone who has bought our full version or downloaded the lite version.

iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight released

Robert (and Ryan - off screen) releasing iSamurai to an enthusiastic crowd at Touch Arcade's Launch 2009

We had a great time at the iPhone Launch Party in San Francisco, and iSamurai got a very warm welcome from the crowd. So thank you Arnold Kim and Blake Patterson of Touch Arcade and John Casasanta and Phill Ryu of MacHeist. You were wonderful hosts.

While there, Robert met Steve Wozniak and his wife Janet and had a very rewarding chat with them. Robert was very impressed and has since been in touch with Steve via email.

We also demonstrated iSamurai to Apple fans at the Moscone Center where Apple Computer was holding its World Wide Developer Conference. We were a hit!

Full details on iSamurai are available on the game's web site:

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